Our mission

Delivering engagement and value through powerful storytelling.

About us

Seven West Media is the leading, listed national multi-platform media business based in Australia. We comprise Seven Television, Pacific Magazines and The West Australian.


Groundbreaking content

When crafting our content, we ensure it’s not only ground-breaking but original, accurate and engaging. A good headline sparks interest and invites readers in, so it’s important that both all content we produce is brand-aligned and captivating of the target audience.

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Captivating Stories

Great writing alone won’t make your content stand out. The concept must be interesting to truly captivate an audience and shape the conversation. In a socially-driven world, exceptional brand content entertains, educates and even delights customers whilst representing its brand authentically.

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Innovating Newspapers

How do audiences want to consume news? We’re passionate about approaching this question with a fresh perspective, and with our vast, expert capabilities in all forms of visual and written media mean we’re uniquely positioned to deliver truly unique news storytelling to consumers: every format, on every platform, on every device.

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Shaping the future of News, Entertainment and Sport

Seven West Media offers the most comprehensive and innovative content in Australia and it’s our job to build the products that SWM’s audience use to view the stories they love…anytime, anywhere.

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